"Delilah in Skyrim" After deciding to spend some time back in Skyrim, I started a new spell-casting character from Breton named Delilah. To make things more interesting, I also opted to use the following self-imposed rules:

1) No fast traveling - I added a mod that effectively disables fast traveling in the game.

2) No joining the College in Winterhold - although I passed the test of entry in order to obtain an inexpensive copy of the Fear spell, I refused to actually enter the school.

3) No wearing cloaks or hoods that improve mana, mana regen and/or spellcasting costs - enchanting items myself is permitted, as are rings and/or circlets.

4) No bladed weapons - my fallback melee weapon is a quarterstaff, and I also have a bow and arrows if non-magic ranged attacks are needed, but that's all.

5) Pick up as many spells as possible by finding them unless impeded by the difficulty of the gameplay - so far I have only purchased Fear and Firebolt, but I prefer to discover new spells by exploring.